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More information about the OBC

Why should master's theses undergo an ethical review procedure?

It is essential that all research at the KU/UZ Leuven happen within a strict ethical and legal framework.  For all forms of research (biomedical, but also socio-scientific) there are after all (inter)national ethical guidelines and/or legal requirements.  This applies in particular to research that concerns the human person for which there are strict legal frameworks (see regulation from 7 May 2004 concerning experiments on the human person).  At all times during research laws regarding the protection of personal details must be respected.

  • For these reasons, all master's theses within the Biomedical Science Group must undergo an ethical review procedure.
  • The Education-Support Committee (OBC) evaluates master's thesis projects as mandated by the Research Ethics Committee of the KU/UZ Leuven.

The Education-Support Committee (OBC) helps master's thesis students through this process. For questions or remarks, please contact the OBC.​​

The ethical review procedure

Independently of the type of research (which is determined by a questionnaire and decision tree), the requested project must be prepared and approved by either the Education-Support Committee (OBC) or the Research Ethics Committee.


If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions or remarks, you can contact OBC.