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Industry Day - For partners



The Industry Day for Biomedical Sciences offers both students in biomedical sciences and external partners a possibility to interact in an informal way. Different profiles participate, both masters's students in biomed. sciences and PhD students studying at the KU Leuven's Doctoral School of biomedical sciences. Recruitment can be in Dutch or in English.

Participation is completely free for all participants.



Tuesday 20 November 2018

14u: Welcome
14.05u: Company in the picture
14.35u: Panel discussion
16u-18u: Job fair


Building Onderwijs en Navorsing 1,
Campus Gasthuisberg
Herestraat 49
3001 Leuven



Booths may be built on Tuesday 20 November between 10h and 12.30h.  
Student reception will start at 13.30h and the programme will start at 14h.
Breaking down the booths can start as of 18.15h.
For those who are not able to set up their booth before 12.30h: please set it up AFTER 14h (and before 15.30h) so student reception will not be disturbed. All participants are obligated to break down their booths the same evening (as of 18.15h).


Deliveries and loading is allowed at the deliveries car park: ‘Leveringen Inkomhal ON1’. This parking space is located at the Red Cross blood transfusion center and parking is only allowed for 30mins.
For longer parking, the 'Onderwijs en Navorsing' car park should be used. We will send you an access code by e-mail once the registration process is completed.

Because the entire campus has only one address, please find the coordinates for GPS-devices and Google Maps below:

Parking for deliveries (max 30min.): 50.879805, 4.671311
Parking 'Onderwijs en Navorsing': 50.882738, 4.673597

Please register before 8 November 2018

This event is part of the 'Your Future awaits you' series for students and phd-students in Biomedical Sciences. In the 2nd semester we are also offering the possibility to come into close contact with our student through the 'Career Workshops'.